Training & Volunteering

The Canal and Countryside volunteer group

This group has been created by a partneship between the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre and Newport City Council. With Mbact running the centre and funding from the heritage lottery fund, the project has really taken off.

We meet every Thursday, from 10am til 3.30pm, and work around the locks and Allt yr yn nature reserve clearing undergrowth and evasive species, maintaining paths and fences whilst creating wildlife habitats.

All are welcome to join and an application form can be collected from the centre. Do not feel you have to come every week or stay all day, all time is hugely appreciated and we cannot believe the difference we have already made.

The HLF Future Skills Project

This ambitious project is central for the future development of the Canal Centre and for the future restoration of the Lock Flight. At the heart of the project is the development of a Volunteer Training Programme that will not only embrace the enthusiasm and dedication that Volunteers but also provide opportunities for training.

Volunteers have already made a significant difference. On a busy day the Canal Centre needs people to provide assistance to visitors requiring information. This can range from a simple enquiry about directions through to answering questions about the locks. Prior to the beginning of the Future Skills Project the Canal Centre was largely dependent upon a small staff. Volunteers have made all the difference in so many other ways as well. For example one person who is particularly interested in Social Media now updates the Facebook Account, while another Volunteer has provided invaluable assistance with carpentry skills.

As the project progresses, short term training courses in customer service and basic film making will also form part of the package of opportunities available.

If you are interested on volunteering or if you would like to find out more contact the Canal Centre by email or telephone or fill in the downloadable (pdf) Volunteer Registration Form and return it to the Canal Centre.