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Our Trust, a small local charity run by volunteers, is dedicated to the protection, improvement, and
restoration of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal for the benefit of the local community. The
canal was originally constructed to transport iron products and coal down to Newport where the
cargoes were loaded onto sea going ships for transportation around the world, it is now a leisure,
tourism, historical, economic and ecological resource.
A main objective is to restore the canal to full navigation down to Newport and up to Cwmcarn; to
link it to the River Usk and the sea via a marina and lock at Crindau; and to promote the canal and
educate about its history and wildlife.
Our activities encompass
• Running the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre at Newport. The centre acts as an information
hub for the canal. It has a canal history display, gift shop, community meeting room, and
• Partnering with local councils to run training-led restoration projects. We have just
completed the restoration of 6 locks south of Cwmbran.
• Organising canal clean-up teams to clear litter from the waterway.
• Coordinating and delivering education projects.
We have partnered with Newport City Council and over 60 local schools in learning about
the canal. We also run education linked boat trips for local schools at Goytre Wharf in
partnership with the Canal and River Trust.
 Enabling families to experience travelling on water in the superb canal environment, and
learn about its history and wildlife. We run a small 12 seater trail-able trip boat, the Edith-
Elizabeth, Over the last 12months our volunteers have been on hand to provided regular
public, education and chartered trips at Goytre wharf, with the boat also providing a crew
training facility.
• Setting up of a Community Boat at Goytre Wharf to run alongside our smaller craft offering
a choice of 30 seater enclosed floating classroom or 12 seater smaller boat experience.
The Community Boat
After many years of hard work by our volunteers restoring/remodelling an old canal boat The Trust
has commenced running a Community Boat on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. The boat
will be run as a “not-for-profit” enterprise with any financial surplus over and above operating costs
being used for the benefit of canal restoration, maintenance, and education.
The boat is based at Goytre Wharf near Llanover. The Wharf which has historic lime kilns at its
heart, is well served with facilities having a café, visitor centre, plus adequate car and coach
parking facilities. The visitor centre has an adjacent meeting room which can be utilised for
education groups, whilst the canal itself provides a waterway environment for exploration and study
there are also areas of woodland nearby than can be utilised.
With its side-bench style seating either side and generous floor space, the Community Boat is
ideally suited as a floating classroom for school parties. It is equipped with a wheelchair friendly
toilet and wheelchair lift. The boat is environmentally friendly being electrically driven. It is also
slow moving, quiet and is equipped with a large area of fenestration which enables canal wildlife
and vegetation to be observed.
The boat can accommodate a class of 30 children (or 28 plus 2 wheelchair passengers) if
necessary, or a split a class to allow for a more spacious learning area on-board. Land based
and water based modules could then be devised with groups swapping over to complete both

With a focus on the development of the boat as an educational/community resource MBACT are
seeking to undertake the following:
1. Development of a schools education pack.
2. Engage with schools for development of activity and marketing.
3. Development of marketing materials.
4. Development of a web-based information and repository portal.
5. Engagement will include development of the teaching aids and identify and catalogue
schools and teachers who may wish to participate in the programme.
6. Organisation of trial sessions with volunteer schools, to prove a proof of concept, and
allow for minor adjustments/modifications.
7. A concluding report is required containing recommendations on how the MBACT
Community Boat, schools education project can best be set up and implemented in future
years, together with a recommended charging regime.
Development of Schools Education Pack
Produce an Education Pack focusing on the canal environment, utilising our Community Boat as a
floating classroom. The pack should be designed so that it can be used by a MBACT Volunteer
schools hosts leading the school party or by Teachers themselves.
• The pack courses should have regard to the new Curriculum for Wales 2022. A detailed
draft has recently been published which will allow the design of the pack to commence, with
final adjustments, if necessary, being made following publication of the final in January

Module Development
• Separate modules should be designed to cater for specific age group ranges. It is
assumed that Primary/Junior schools will form the core market group. Advice on this
should be included in the project recommndations.
• Whilst some elements of the modules may need to be made available as printed copy, it is
envisaged that the majority will be capable of storage and display via web pages.
• Navigation of the information portal should be by simple, easily navigable, graphics-heavy
point and click style.
• The pack should contain a land based and water/canal Community Boat based modules to
enable classes to be split and swap over from Woodland to Boat.
• Note that Goytre Wharf has areas of woodland owned by Natural Resources Wales and
adjacent (accessed through the canal aqueduct) by Monmouthshire County Council, which
(with appropriate permissions) can be used.
• The pack should be comprised of teaching aids such as teaching notes, text documents,
videos/animations, photos, diagrams and any equipment needed for pupils to carry out
investigations or experiments. Main elements should be downloadable for printing if
• The packs should be available in the English and Welsh Language (the Trust may be able
to offer the services of a volunteer to translate copy. There may be support for this via
• Whilst some elements of the modules may need to be made available as printed copy, it is
envisaged that the majority will be capable of storage and display via web pages.
Navigation of the information portal should be by simple, easily navigable, graphics-heavy
point and click style.
Information Portal
The portal will be hosted on the Trusts website with a copy also available via an on-board webserver
and wifi network. The portal will be designed for simplicity and ease of navigation via smart
phone or tablet computer.
Text, photographs, videos and other graphics should be provided in an agreed electronic format to
allow for easy loading onto web pages, blogs or similar display tools. Liaison with our appointed
web site designer will be needed. Acknowledgement of funders and partners should be given
equal prominence in all materials.
Consultants will be required to provide the following access to modules on line:
• Education pages. Schools signed up for the education pack will be given passworded
access to on-line pack information.
• General information module about the basic history and ecology of the canal and in
particular Goytre Wharf, accessible by all passengers via smartphone or tablet.
• A young persons module with very basic information on environment, ecology and history,
deigned for simplicity, with perhaps a wildlife spotting challenge. Ease of access via smartphone
or tablet is needed, with ability to print off certain elements.
Schools Database/Marketing
Consultants will be required to:-
• Primarily engage with schools and devise and populate a database of key contact at
primary schools within easy commute distance of Goytre Wharf.
• Enter potential schools who may wish to engage or be included in use of the tools
being devised. This should contain contact names, email addresses, phone
numbers, of appropriate contacts at each school. This allows the Trust to be able to
contact schools easily at a later date.
• Establish contact with as many schools as possible via email, phone calls, leaflet drop or
personal visit.
• Devise the content of a web page to promote the eduction pack/module.
• Provide text for a leaflet to be produced advertising the education pack for circulation to
local schools.
Submissions will be considered against he following criteria:
 That tenderers hold an appropriate teaching qualification, have teaching experience
and the have successfully delivered training /education programs.
 That the proposal follows the brief set out in this document and shows imagination
and flair in using the the canal environment as a teaching medium and meeting
Curriculum for Wales 2022 requirements.
 The cost of the package within a £4,000- £6,500 range.
 Timetable for completion.
Application Timetable
 Submission of tenders by 10th February 2020.
 Short-listed consultants will be invited to give a short presentation (10-15 mins)
outlining their ideas to a small appointment panel.
 Decision to be made as soon as possible after the presentation,

Tender Submission
Your proposal should be submitted, setting out the approach, project costs and broad outline of the
proposed module via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Attached documents should ideally be in “pdf” or Word electronic file.
Optional Site Visit
Applicants are welcome to visit Goytre Wharf and our Community Boat by prior appointment.
Please contact Richard Dommett MBE
Mobile: 07974005483
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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